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Lego shakes up imagination in unboxing spot

“The Sound Of Legos”

Shaking up a present is usual for a kid, so when they get one that has great shaking sounds to the max, they smile and dream of great things. Lego takes that concept to the extreme with a new holiday campaign — ‘Shake Up Imagination.’


Lego Systems, in a new unboxing spot by R/GA, demonstrates how the sound of Lego can spark imagination without even showing the product. Unsuspecting kids received unbranded, wrapped presents and were asked to guess what’s inside. They began shaking the gifts and recognized the iconic sound of Lego bricks. They then excitedly began imagining what they would build.


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What It Means:

With holidays right around the corner, brands are going to be pulling out all the stops. Simply focusing on the joy of wrapped presents without even showcasing the product, Lego developed a digital marketing heartwarming holiday spot.