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Public Relations that Works

We are an agile, creative team of battle-tested Global Public Relations veterans. We are experts in the art of the story. We live to uncover an untold or under-told angle or local character who tells the story of the brand through a personal lens.

And we think our media relationships and instincts are among the best in the business.

Yet we are not just tacticians; we are savvy strategists focused on driving business results for our clients. We focus on outcomes that drive impact.

Sometimes that’s The New York Times, sometimes it’s a regional talk show — experience tells us it doesn’t always have to be “sexy” to be effective. Hard work, nimble solutions, creative thinking and client service are the cornerstones of our brand.

We also understand the value of getting away from our computers, phones and neighborhoods to participate in the culture, commerce and life around us so we can bring fresh ideas to our work and clients. Diving in, rolling up our sleeves, and tackling the big goals right alongside our clients and their partners is exactly how we like to work.

Our Approach to Public Relations

Your earned media should be more than just a placement – it should be a powerful piece of storytelling about your brand. We use our expertise and industry connections to tell your story in a way that connects with audiences where they’re already spending time – in their favorite newspapers, magazines, talk shows, and more.

From digital PR to crisis management and social media integration, our methods are backed by a two decade track record but proven in the current digital age, ensuring your narrative captivates and converts.

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    Purpose-Driven PR

    Craft your narrative with authenticity, focusing on your company’s unique heritage, contributions, and central decision-making. We help you publicly commit to your purpose, ensuring lasting impact.

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    Media Relations

    Embrace the future of PR with AI-driven data analysis, sentiment analysis, and media monitoring, enabling swift, informed decisions that resonate with contemporary audiences.

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    Crisis Communications

    Proactive communication is key when it comes to reputation management and dealing unexpected news. We’ve been through it all with our clients – from natural disasters to national headlines to surprising celebrity comments. Learn more about our Crisis Communications Services.

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    Media Events

    Whether grand showstoppers or a simple press conference, media events that convey fresh and timely news are a key strategy for driving interest in our clients and their brand. Each event is a campaign in and of itself, with careful preparation and outreach to secure attendance and resulting coverage.

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    Strategic Alliances

    Our depth and variety of clients offer opportunities for Percepture to build strategic alliances across travel, B2B, retail, culinary, fashion, and beauty brands, driving greater awareness in new markets and capturing interest with new customers. Our connections with media brands go beyond editorial, allowing us to broker on-target promotions and unique, multi-partner offerings, boosting interest and delivering relevant data to our clients.

Future Prediction

As the media landscape shifts, AI-driven PR strategies emphasizing authenticity and digital emphasis will set industry benchmarks, transforming traditional PR narratives into impactful global dialogues.

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For the New Orleans tricentennial, our strategic PR efforts secured top placements in over 30 national “Places to Visit in 2018” listings, earning the #1 spot on the prestigious New York Times list.

For the New Orleans tricentennial, our strategic PR efforts secured top placements in over 30 national “Places to Visit in 2018” listings, earning the #1 spot on the prestigious New York Times list.