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Add Incentive Marketing to your Paid Social Mix

Social Incentive Marketing (SIM) is the easiest and fastest way to boost engagement and interactions on social media – by rewarding your audience!

Brands spend time on social networks to craft stories, create engagement, and drive sales. But, the leads-to-conversions funnel from social media can be a deep one. The conversion funnel can require many points of contact and it eventually ends off of social media on your own site or the site of a retailer.

With Social Incentive Marketing, you can cut down the depth of that conversion funnel to just one click without your audience ever leaving their favorite social network. It creates instant, real-time brand engagement and conversion with zero onboarding.

That’s because SIM takes advantage of the shared social login of popular networks like X (previously known as Twitter) to deliver digital rewards directly to your audience via a secure digital wallet whenever they share your content.

Your digital rewards can include coupons, event tickets, digital currency, exclusive access, digital collectibles, and more. Use discounts to drive sales and convert social followers into paid customers – all while amplifying your engagement on social networks!

The Benefits of Social Incentive Marketing

Social Incentive Marketing (SIM) is a powerful tool to add to your Paid Social marketing mix because it rewards your audience for social interactions native to their favorite platforms.

Paid Social campaigns often operate on one of two models. One model is to use ads and boosted content to increase your social following or engagement on the social network. Another model is to use ads, boosted content, and organic content to drive clicks off of the social network to interact with your brand’s website or initiate a retail experience.

Social Inventive Marketing combines both models into a single click that has a compelling “what’s in it for me” offer for your audience.

In exchange for sharing your social content with the appropriate handles or tags, users immediately unlock a digital wallet that is linked to their existing social login. Their secure wallet contains incentives and offers that you control, leading users off of social media to engage directly with your brand and products.

At the same time, every audience member who unlocks a wallet is doing so by amplifying your content! This can lead to major spikes in engagement and visibility, which can drive your brand to be a trending topic.

Use Social Incentive Marketing to engage your audience and shorten their conversion funnel without them ever leaving their social login.

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    Boost Your Best Content

    Choose your most compelling content, including social posts that tell stories and include embedded media. By including a handle or tag in their re-share of your content, your audience will not only drive engagement, but also create their own secure digital wallet accessed via their social login.

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    Digital Coupons for Physical Goods

    Use SIM to drive physical sales! Re-shares of your content can unlock unique coupon codes in each secure digital wallet, which your audience can redeem online or in physical locations. Load them with discounts or even offers for exclusive physical merch drops!

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    Event Tickets & Special Access

    Use SIM as a gateway for your audience to gain attendance to exclusive physical or digital events. Every re-share of your content both promotes your upcoming event and unlocks an invite code in each secure digital wallet. As demand for your event increases, so does engagement and visibility!

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    Promote Exclusive Digital Tokens

    Use SIM to engage your existing subscriber base to amplify your brand by offering them the chance to redeem digital tokens on existing platforms. This can include in-game items or digital artwork! Drive users from your own digital platform to social media to reshare your message and then back to your own platform to redeem their rewards.

Future Prediction

As more brands integrate with Web 3.0 platforms and tools like those offered by Suku, digital marketing will witness a paradigm shift, becoming more decentralized, user-centric, and transparent.

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Increased conversions by 3x, while reducing spend by 42% for a leading telecom company

Increased conversions by 3x, while reducing spend by 42% for a leading telecom company