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You know what makes your travel and tourism destination special – whether that’s a luxury resort, a family-friendly getaway, or an outdoor attraction. But, how do you tell the story of what makes you special to a global audience of travelers?

Percepture is a marketing and public relations agency with two decades of success in travel PR. Every travel or tourism story we tell is different, but they all begin with a common philosophy: a focus on telling the authentic story behind a destination to the audience that wants to hear it.

We have connected travelers with hospitality brands and in-demand destinations around the globe, including boutique hotels, cruise lines, and some of the most well-known landmarks in the world. We leverage our deep industry connections with media as well as innovative tactics spanning digital outreach and physical activations.

Percepture is ready to tell the story of your destination to the entire world. We don’t want people just to notice your brand – we want them to engage, delight, and visit.

Who We Work With:

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Our Approach to Travel & Tourism PR

Over the past two decades our team of Travel & Tourism PR experts have worked with every kind of hospitality brand and destination - from all-inclusive resorts to historical sites. Every destination requires a unique approach to target the right media outlets and influencers to connect with your unique audience of ideal travelers.

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    Luxury Travel

    Telling the story of luxury travel means balancing exclusivity with availability. We have worked with independent boutique hotels, international cruise lines, and top-rated wellness destinations. We understand how to connect with the niche of travelers who are seeking an experience at your price point – and then create urgency for them to engage with your brand.

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    Hospitality – Hotels, Resorts, & Spas

    Our team knows how to speak the language of the hospitality industry – making it easy to work with us, and making it easy for us to have your story told by global media. We don’t just want to promote your name – we want to give your audience an idea of what they’ll experience when they stay with you to drive business and grow your reputation.

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    Family-Friendly Travel

    When it comes to family-friendly travel, it’s all about delivering the right message via the right medium at the time when your audience is ready to book their family vacation. We understand that family-oriented travel requires a different media mix to reach and engage their audiences – selling both the attainability and the fun of your travel experience.

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    Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs)

    We’ve worked with CVBs around the world to help them tell the story of their city or region and attract visitors and business events.

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    Outdoor Destinations & National Landmarks

    Percepture has had the privilege of working with some of the world’s most-recognizable outdoor destinations, including landmarks across the United States and around the world. We’ve been hired by cities, states, and even countries to show why their national treasures are a must-see destination for travelers. We have a track record of crafting new stories about historic sites, finding fresh angles to re-engage the media and telling new stories to eager visitors.

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    High-Profile Launches & Special Events

    Creating a PR strategy for a one-time event requires high-impact storytelling told on a tight timeline coordinated to the date of your event. Whether you’re launching a new destination, hosting a special event, or making a major announcement at a conference, our PR team knows how to attract earned media coverage from both traditional media and online influencers. Plus, when it’s time for your event, we have experience on the ground with managing PR on the day – including supporting your executives live during their press availability.

  • Our Travel PR Services

    With a distributed team spanning four continents, Percepture has the industry connections to help you attract travelers from around the world.

    We want to help you meet your audience where they already are – the shows they watch, the news they read, and the platforms where they spend time every day. But, travel & tourism PR is more than just earned media placements! Our experienced hospitality PR team is ready to tell your story and grow your business from setting an initial strategy to executing your major events.

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We revitalized a CVB's digital presence, resulting in a 1025% increase in partner visits and significantly enhanced visitor engagement

We revitalized a CVB's digital presence, resulting in a 1025% increase in partner visits and significantly enhanced visitor engagement
AI System Showcase

TravelMax™ - Elevate your destination's allure by leveraging game-changing AI-powered strategies.

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    Pre-Trip Activation

    Entice potential travelers with AI-driven promotions like Programmatic, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Direct them to an immersive landing page, ensuring their interest is piqued and they consider your spot for their next journey.

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    On-Site Real-Time Engagement via Geofencing

    Deepen the engagement while they’re at the location. Set a geofence around the tourism spot, serve personalized ads to visitors in real-time, and provide multi-channel touchpoints to enhance their experience. Simultaneously, capture the device IDs of engaged travelers.

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    Post-Trip Continued Engagement

    Retain the magic. Launch a “Relive the memories” campaign, targeting visitors across different channels, and fortify your relationship with past visitors using our robust AutoNURTURE™ system.

Case Study

Elevating SKIFT's Industry Authority and Amplifying Editorial Visibility

Skift is the most credible and comprehensive resource in the world for travel industry trends and information.

Cement SKIFT’s authority as the most credible and comprehensive resource in the world for travel industry trends and information. Raise the profile of the organization’s co-founders and the SKIFT editorial team.

Created massive PR program by building a comprehensive media list with a surgical focus on the travel industry as well as top consumer, business, media/marketing and broadcast outlets. Percepture conducted media outreach around the best, meatiest stories trending in the travel industry, and all pitches offered SKIFT spokespersons for insights and commentary.

When you read or hear “according to Skift” in hundreds of stories per year, it’s usually because of our work behind the scenes, advancing the travel industry’s most coveted intelligence platform as an authority on travel news, developments and trends. In the first five months, Percepture secured 55 placements across a broad spectrum of press including top consumer, business and travel press, travel industry trades, and travel blogs. “Be the conversation” is our rally cry.


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