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Crisis Communications Services

Preparing for crisis and handling it when it strikes.

We know the unexpected happens, and we’ve dealt with it all—from fires and labor disputes to environmental disasters to celebrities behaving badly. Our priority is to proactively communicate the key messages clearly and honestly and to get ahead of the story to ensure that our clients’ reputations remain intact.

When the unexpected hits, you want an unflappable, battle-tested team on your side. We’ve worked alongside our clients through plane crashes (Miracle on the Hudson), infectious disease outbreaks (COVID, SARS, Norovirus, Legionnaires disease), crime, natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina and others), and even a whale impaled by a cruise ship!

We’ve worked as hard to keep our clients out of the news when a crisis arises as we have to put them in the news when times are good.

In the middle of a crisis right now? Get in touch. Current crisis plan out of date? Contact us. Just realized crisis communications is in your scope of work and have no idea where to start? We’re ready to help.

Guiding You Through Crisis

“It Takes 20 Years To Build A Reputation And Five Minutes To Lose It.” -Warren Buffet

We keep our clients in the news often to drive revenue and awareness, but we are also experienced in keeping them out of the news and in making sure they are aren’t the top story for too long.

Our professionals are accustomed to responding to taking action on crisis communications 24/7/365 thanks to the wide array of clients we represent – including cruiselines, airlines, railroads, resorts, tour operators, state, cities, countries, and the theme parks and lodges in the national parks.

We’ve been there for clients through the loss of aircrafts, fires on ships, 9/11, lights out at the Big Game, hurricanes, oil spills, labor disputes, crime, civil unrest, environmental disasters, illness and outbreaks, and assaults (sexual, against animal, even animals behaving badly with people). In each case, we minimized press exposure and managed reputations by communicating quickly, honestly, and accurately.

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    Crisis Plan Audit

    You don’t have to wait for the unexpected to strike to prepare a crisis plan. Get ahead of the next comms emergency by auditing your crisis comms process with our team. The in-the-trenches experience of our experts-only team is unmatched globally.

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    Reputation Management

    If you’re worried about your online reputation or need a brand personality audit, we can help. Work with our team for a Competitive Landscape Audit to understand how your reputation compares to your peers, or let us guide you through a Brand Personality Workshop.

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    Media Training

    In a world where a sound bite can make or break you, we help brands communicate the things they want to say in a way that makes people want to listen. We offer one-on-one day-long training sessions to get a spokesperson on message, camera/microphone ready and confident in maneuvering any interview question to incorporate message points.

Our Crisis Communications Experience

In a crisis we work as hard to keep our clients out of the news as we do to get them press in during good times.

Over the past two decades, we’ve helped our diverse book of clients communicate through hundreds of crises – everything from natural disasters to Congressional hearings.

Crisis situations occur when you least expect them – sometimes in the middle of the night! Percepture offers a mobile app that puts your entire crisis management and response plan in the palm of your hand. Powered by In Case of Crisis, the app includes company-specific emergency procedures, safety guidelines and business continuity plans.

The app allows you to replace your paper flipbooks and Internet-hosted sites that are often hard to access during a crisis. Using the app is safe and secure, and enables employees to communicate quickly and more effectively with each other during a crisis, whether it’s an alert, incident report, or a conference call.

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    Business Crisis Comms

    Intellectual property disputes
    Counterfeiting, patent, trademark, and copyright infringement issues
    Embezzlement and fraud
    Marketing, sales, and product roll-out issues
    Mergers and acquisitions
    Human resource issues
    Strikes and labor actions

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    Executive Comms

    Annual reports, creating, publishing
    Shareholder and investor relations
    Executive speech writing
    Congressional testimony writing
    Corporate newsletters
    Industry and association relations
    Press conference and media interview coordination and execution

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    Public Health & Safety

    Illnesses (chicken pox, norovirus, Legionaries Disease, Covid-19)
    Tainted food and beverages, recall issues
     Civil and political unrest, riots, protests, & demonstrations
     Military actions and invasions
    Terrorist threats and attacks (foreign and domestic)
    Mass deaths and injuries, including maritime and aviation accidents
     Bomb threats
    Volcano eruptions
    Hurricanes and tropical storms

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    Legal & Compliance Issues

    Cyber security events, hacking, IT and data breaches
    HIPAA & PHI issues
    Accidental deaths and injuries
    Class action and other lawsuits – as plaintiff and defendant
    Criminal and civil investigation
    Injunctions and restraining orders
    Gag orders and confidentiality agreements
    Consent degrees
    Regulatory filings & regulatory agency relations

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In the middle of a crisis right now? Connect with us. Want to get ahead of the next one by creating a crisis plan? Let's talk!

In the middle of a crisis right now? Connect with us. Want to get ahead of the next one by creating a crisis plan? Let's talk!