Crisis & Reputation Management

Preparing For Crisis

And handling it when it strikes.

We know the unexpected happens, and we’ve dealt with it all—from fires and labor disputes to environmental disasters to celebrities behaving badly. Our priority is to proactively communicate the key messages clearly and honestly and to get ahead of the story to ensure that our clients’ reputations remain intact.


In the middle of a crisis right now? Call us. Current crisis plan out of date? Call us. Just realized crisis communications is in your scope of work and have no idea where to start? Call us.

Guiding You Through Crisis

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it.” -Warren Buffet

When the unexpected hits, you want an unflappable, battle-tested team on your side. Through plane crashes (Miracle on the Hudson), infectious disease outbreaks (SARS, Norovirus, Legionnaires disease), crime, natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina and others) and even a whale impaled by a cruise ship, we’ve worked as hard to keep our clients out of the news when a crisis arises as we have to put them in the news when times are good.


Since most crisis situations seem to occur in the middle of the night, Percepture offers a mobile app that puts your entire crisis management and response plan in the palm of your hand. Powered by In Case of Crisis, the app includes company-specific emergency procedures, safety guidelines and business continuity plans. The app allows you to replace your paper flipbooks and Internet-hosted sites that are often hard to access during a crisis. Using the app is safe and secure, and enables employees to communicate quickly and more effectively with each other during a crisis, whether it’s an alert, incident report, or a conference call.

Let’s get started.

Digital isn’t a channel. Social isn’t a strategy. Technology isn’t engagement. You need more than a message, you need a strategy. We believe marketing is about human behavior, not channels or devices. We seamlessly link the real world and digital ecosystem, intersecting people when they’re interested and ready to interact, making the experience real, relevant and rewarding — to your customers and your bottom line.

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