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Paid Search Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Paid Search Marketing, or Search PPC (Pay Per Click) are all terms for paid advertising on search results pages.

Paid Search ensures your business is seen at the top of every search engine results page (SERP), whether that’s for your top keywords or the long tail of specific search terms that can create conversions for your brand.

Dominating paid search is about more than just generating ad clicks. Appearing consistently at the top of relevant SERPs helps to establish your brand presence and reinforce trust with your audience. It ensures your brand is seen side-by-side with your top competitors, even for search terms where you don’t rank on the first page.

Our team of experts have been working on search engine marketing since before Google was a verb! Rely on our years of experience as an SEM agency to build a paid search engine marketing campaign that works – reaching your audience with search PPC ads when they are in-market to drive clicks and conversions to your site.

Why You Need a Paid Search Engine Marketing Agency

Nearly 70% of all online experiences begin with a search, and over 95% of traffic from search comes from the first page of search results.

That’s why every brand wants to be on the first page. If you search for one of your industry keywords on Google or Bing, it’s likely the first thing you’ll see on that page is a paid advertisement or “sponsored” result – even before you see an organic result like your own page!

Paid Search services are what helps to make sure your brand is that first sponsored result. Holding that position can help to reinforce your existing SEO placement for the key terms associated with your business.

Of course, not every customer and conversion comes from the most obvious search terms. Often, it’s the long tail of search terms related to your business that can reach potential customers who are ready to convert. Paid Search helps you stay visible across those searches, even when you don’t have a page that ranks for those keywords.

An experienced paid search agency can help you navigate running search PPC ads for both the short tail and the long tail of the keywords that will work with your business. That begins with conducting a comprehensive search audit to find the most-commercial keywords with the best potential for conversation, and it includes constant ongoing optimization to ensure you get the best value for every click.

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    Search Audit & Keyword Analysis

    Not all keywords are created equal. We begin every paid search services engagement with a comprehensive search audit on your product, your business, your competitors, and your industry. The goal? Find the keywords with a history of sales that will reach leads with high intent at the right time and the most-efficient cost.

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    Paid Search Ads

    There’s a science to writing paid search ads that convert, and we’re paid search ad scientists! We’ll work with you to craft ad copy that generates clicks, A/B testing multiple ad variations to streamline your message.

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    Landing Page Optimization

    Paid search marketing success doesn’t end with the click. It’s important that your landing page is optimized for conversation – and that it keeps the promises made by your paid search ad! Whether we’re helping you perfect an existing page or working on a new one, we know the techniques that turn clicks to conversions.

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    Campaign Management

    Paid Search Engine Marketing requires constant monitoring and optimization, as keyword performance fluctuates, new search terms rise in popularity, and competitors bid for similar search terms. We have a proven pay-per-click bidding strategy for campaign management, including clear, consistent reporting to highlight the best-performing ads.

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    AI-Driven Paid Search

    Paid search advertising is evolving! Companies are using AI-driven tools and tactics to connect with their customers. Take a Human+AI teamed approach to your Google and Bing paid search ads to accelerate decision-making by targeting the right audience at the right time.

Future Prediction

Both Google and Microsoft chat bots will integrate paid search and display features.

How Our Paid Search Services Work

a mapped strategy in flow chart format and process sample of Percepture's paid search services.

When it comes to paid search services, we believe in a scientific approach fueled by data – but with a spark of creative copywriting.

That’s why we’re obsessed with starting with a thorough search audit. When we onboard new clients, we research their existing website and keywords, their top competitors, and the paid search landscape in their industry.

Anyone can place the highest bids for the top short-tail of common search terms for a business… but, that doesn’t produce consistent, cost-effective results. We dig deep in our keyword analysis to identify search terms that are associated with high-intent traffic, which are often under-used by your competitors.

Often, we find highly-effective search terms that aren’t experiencing any paid search engine marketing at all!

Then, it’s time to get to work on copywriting. Paid search ads have incredibly strict, limited space for copy – so every letter of the headline matters, as does the linking URL and the description. We’ve placed tens of thousands of ads, and we know the kinds of action-oriented words and phrases that produce clicks.

Great ad copy also needs to stand out text on the search results page! We combine proven data with a creative spark to create ads that produce clicks. We’ll also consult with you to make sure your landing page is optimized for the ad traffic so it’s ready to convert.

Paid search advertising doesn’t end when the ads are placed. That includes split-testing ads and running continuous optimization to find the best performers. It also involves ongoing conversations with your team to analyze conversion, support your marketing initiatives and product launches, and anticipate new industry trends.

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Increased conversions by 3x, while reducing spend by 42% for a leading telecom company

Increased conversions by 3x, while reducing spend by 42% for a leading telecom company