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Transformative solutions for targeted healthcare outreach to consumers, providers, and health systems.


Innovative Healthcare Targeting

In the evolving healthcare landscape, effective communication is paramount. With our innovative AI solutions, we empower healthcare professionals and institutions to connect with specific patients, doctors, and providers seamlessly across digital platforms while adhering to HIPAA compliance. Transform your healthcare communications with pinpoint targeting, ensuring every message finds its mark.

AI Systems for Healthcare

Our suite of AI-driven marketing solutions are tailored to deliver:

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    HIPAA Compliant Patient Targeting

    Identify and reach patients based on specific indicators like ailment, medication, or insurance.

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    Healthcare Professional Outreach

    Zero in on professionals, from Clinical Nurses to Surgical Techs, based on specialty, prescription habits, and location.

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    Contextual Engagement

    Target both HCPs and patients based on real-time search keywords, revealing their immediate needs and concerns.

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    Focused Purchaser Outreach

    Engage with distinct health insurance purchasers, filtering out Medicare/Medicaid subscribers or targeting specific product buyers

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    Life Events Connection

    Reach individuals during pivotal life moments, such as marriage, childbirth, or relocation, ensuring timely healthcare information.

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    TV Audience Insights

    Utilize data to target audiences exposed to competitive healthcare brands or specific viewer categories, from HCP baseball enthusiasts to senior news consumers.

Reach the Right People

Outreach Strategies:

  • Patient and Provider Data Analytics

  • Healthcare Conference Insights

  • Disease and Treatment-Focused Marketing

  • Profiling by Medical Specialty and Certification

  • Engagement with Medical Associations and Groups

  • Geo-Targeting by Healthcare Facilities and Regions

  • Personalized Content for Patient Life Events

  • Behavioral Analysis of Health-seeking Activities

AI System Showcase

EventMax™ - Maximize your event impact by harnessing transformative AI-powered strategies

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    Pre-Event Activation

    Jumpstart event engagement with AI-driven outreach like Programmatic, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Drive attendees to a custom landing page, ensuring a packed meeting schedule ahead of the event.

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    During Event Real-Time Engagement via Geofencing

    Dive deep into event participation. Set a geofence around the event venue, serve ads to attendees in real-time, and leverage multi-channel touchpoints for heightened brand visibility. Additionally, capture the device IDs of engaged users.

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    Post-Event Momentum Building

    Maintain the event’s buzz. Launch a “Welcome back from the event” campaign, targeting attendees across multiple platforms, and bolster your business development team’s follow-up process with our powerful AutoNURTURE™ system.

Case Study

Pioneering a Health Tech Client's Digital Transformation Ushers in Global Recognition

A rising star in the health and wellness tech landscape aimed to redefine global preventative care. As they ventured to create impactful digital ecosystems for chronic illness management, standing out amidst a saturated market was paramount. By aligning with a specialized digital consultancy, they embarked on an innovative digital overhaul. This robust approach, focusing on AI-driven user experiences, data-centric insights, and holistic health solutions, propelled them into the limelight. The outcome? Recognition as a global leader in lifestyle medicine tech and strategic collaborations with leading health organizations.


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