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Percepture is a full-service global Digital Marketing & PR Agency with a proven track record in helping businesses grow in life sciences, pharma, medtech, biotech. We’ve helped brands increase their visibility, launch products, dominate search rankings, improve demand generation, and shorten their sales cycles.

The life sciences industry faces evolving challenges – from rising R&D costs to shifting patient expectations. Traditional business models are transforming, and so should your approach to market acquisition. With up to a decade invested in product development, it’s critical for you to ensure a successful market entry.

Biotech marketing requires both creativity and technical expertise. We combine proven B2B marketing strategies with cutting edge advertising technology that allows you to target qualified buyers with pinpoint precision while staying compliant with GDPR and other data privacy laws.

It’s time to unify your marketing approach with an integrated strategy that uses social, PR, SEO, SEM, Paid Social, content marketing, and site optimization. We’ll create a powerful growth engine that engages your audience and drives results.

Amplify your commercial impact and position you as a market leader. Whether you’re rebranding, launching a new product, or just seeking faster growth, Percepture is the right partner to make sure you reach your goals for transformation and growth.


Our Life Sciences Marketing Services

Over the past decade our Life Sciences marketing team has worked with some of the largest global brands in pharma and manufacturing – as well as groundbreaking biotech startups who are disrupting the industry.

With a distributed team spanning four continents, Percepture has the global industry experience to help you attract customers from anywhere around the world. Our technical writers know how to tell accurate, compelling stories about complex technical products and life-saving procedures in the biotech ecosystem.

We’ve helped biotech brands turn conferences into powerful lead generation engines, generating new leads driving conversions for months after an event ends. We’ve built and managed sites for Fortune 100 pharma companies, planning for scalability and managing their content marketing. We’ve launched life sciences manufacturing products to immediate search engine domination with our integrated DigitalPR approach.

Every life sciences brand requires a unique approach to identify its ideal audience and drive demand generation. Life sciences marketing is made more complex by the supply chain issues experienced by the industry as a whole. Service models and treatments are going through a transformation due to rising costs, changing patient expectations, and improving R&D

That’s why you need to be ready to meet your audience of qualified buyers where they already spend time – on the platforms and sites where they are every day in both their professional and personal lives.

Learn how we can reach your specific in-market audience, establish your brand as a global thought-leader, and create a powerful demand generation engine to drive revenue growth

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    Marketing Strategy & Development

    Our life sciences marketing strategies begin with in-depth knowledge of your brand and your industry. Our team of experts will collaborate with your marketing and sales organization to create a customer journey map to understand your ideal in-market audience. Then, we’ll craft compelling narratives that drive conversion.

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    Search Engine Optimization

    The majority of sales start with search, even in B2B sales. We have a proven track record of achieving first-page search results for life sciences products and services. We’ll work with you to build a strategy to dominate search rankings.

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    Integrated PR & Digital Marketing

    As a full-service global Digital Marketing and PR agency, we’re ready to unify your public relations messaging with your advertising and sales. Leverage the power of integrated Digital PR, a modern strategy that applies tested traditional PR tactics to drive digital results.

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    PPC, Paid Search, & Paid Social

    We know how to seamlessly execute omnichannel digital marketing. We’ll help you define finely-tuned demographic groups so your prospects see your message on the platforms where they spend the most time. Plus, harness the power of social media for B2B marketing – it can be done with the right targeting!

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    Life Sciences Event Marketing

    Whether you’re planning a major presence at an existing event or planning your own signature event, our PR & Digital teams are ready to provide full-coverage support – from advertising to on-the-ground media support to post-event follow-through. Our innovative EventMax service can help you capture in-market leads during your event to continue moving them through your sales funnel.

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    Technical Content Marketing

    Marketing your brand isn’t just about ads and optimization – it requires storytelling to explain how your prospective customers can succeed by partnering with you. We’ll work closely with you to create technical content that converts – driving your brand visibility and lead generation.

Reach the Right Targets

Targeting Strategies:

  • CRM and Sales Database analytics

  • Conference insights

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies

  • Profiling by Job Title, Company, and IT Certifications

  • Analyzing Competitor behavior

  • Focusing on Seniority, Employee Size, and more

  • Adapting to Search Terms, Content preferences, and Purchase behaviors

  • Specialized targeting by Education and Region, encompassing the US, Africa, LaTam, EMEA, Nordics, and Asia.

AI System Showcase

EventMax™ - Maximize your event impact by harnessing transformative AI-powered strategies

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    Pre-Event Activation

    Jumpstart event engagement with AI-driven outreach like Programmatic, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Drive attendees to a custom landing page, ensuring a packed meeting schedule ahead of the event.

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    During Event Real-Time Engagement via Geofencing

    Dive deep into event participation. Set a geofence around the event venue, serve ads to attendees in real-time, and leverage multi-channel touchpoints for heightened brand visibility. Additionally, capture the device IDs of engaged users.

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    Post-Event Momentum Building

    Maintain the event’s buzz. Launch a “Welcome back from the event” campaign, targeting attendees across multiple platforms, and bolster your business development team’s follow-up process with our powerful AutoNURTURE™ system.

Case Study

Leading CDMO Client's Digital Leap Results in Soaring Sales and Maxed-Out Capacity

Facing the intricate pharma landscape, a leading CMO aimed to supercharge its offerings across multiple drug categories. Confronted with rising costs, evolving patient demands, and the need for enhanced R&D, they recognized the potential in digital sales transformation. Collaborating with a renowned agency, they meticulously mapped out a digital strategy, focusing on SEO, tailored content, and customer experiences. This endeavor not only bolstered their inbound leads and website traffic but also completely sold out their capacity, prompting further expansion in Europe.


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