Sustainability Statement

Percepture’s Values: Diversity, Expertise, Sustainability, & Results

Percepture is a full-service agency of experts with a focus on sustainability

Percepture is a full-service agency of experts – because when it comes to hiring a public relations and digital marketing agency, expertise matters.

Our agency was founded in 2004 with the belief that a best-in-class PR and digital marketing agency should be made up of proven experts without being limited to one city, market, or even country.

That’s why Percepture has always been a remote-first global agency – long before the changes that came to all of our lives in the year 2020. We know that great marketing doesn’t come from the amount of time you spend commuting to an office – it comes from time honing your craft.

With our remote-first philosophy comes a focus on sustainability and sustainable marketing, as well as a philosophy that measurement matters when it comes to results. Together, that aligns with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) model of investing, which is common with many of our clients.

Learn more about our values:

  • Expertise – A Diversity of Expertise
  • Sustainability – Sustainable Marketing Requires Measurable Results

EcoWeb Grader Tool

EcoWeb Grader Tool

Gain insights into your website’s Carbon Emissions Per User and see just how many bottles of water it equates to – empowering you to make environmentally-conscious decisions.

What does it mean to be an “agency of experts”?

When we recruit new members to the Percepture team, we focus on bringing in practitioners who already have established success in the industry.

There’s no “junior team” at Percepture. Every client team has full domain expertise that is vertically integrated to address every element of your PR and marketing strategy, backed by the support of our C-suite of industry veterans.

What does that mean to us?

Expertise has No Boundaries. We hire people, not locations. As a remote-first global agency, we don’t restrict our recruiting to a single job market or geographic area. We know some best-in-class PR and marketing experts live and work in New York City, but they can also be found in Austin TX, Denver CO, London, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and more. That’s why our entire team is able to do remote work and is made up of members from [52 cities and 8 countries] around the world.

Expertise Requires Diversity. We believe in the fundamental power diversity in our teams and in their experiences. Percepture is a certified minority-owned by the National Minority Supplier Diversity Council (NMSDC). We understand that industry success comes in many forms and doesn’t always look the same. To us, expertise is expressed in both years of experience and in measurable results, no matter the age, race, religion, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, neuro(a)typicality, or other trait of a team member.

Expertise Enables Vertical Integration. We believe that being a “full service, full stack” agency is more than just a catchy advertising phrase. It enables our clients to centralize every aspect of their marketing strategy with a single team they can trust. Percepture’s experts are ready to dig deep into specific PR and digital projects, but they can also run expansive full-service campaigns for every aspect of advertising strategy.

Expertise Deserves Continuing Education. Even experts have room to grow. We support our team in nurturing their skills with collaboration, training, and access to marketing-leading tools and platforms.

What is “Sustainable Marketing” and why does sustainability matter?

We believe that sustainability is important, which is why we support sustainable marketing practices.

As a remote-first agency, we’re already “green” when it comes to emissions related to doing business and being a 99.9% paperless agency.

Beyond that, we believe that sustainable marketing comes with a number of responsibilities, including a consumer focus and stakeholder engagement.

In a world of sustainable marketing, “spray and pray” marketing tactics have given way to a sophisticated world of personalization and targeting. From a sustainability standpoint, marketing that is highly-targeted trends toward being more sustainable. Every ad impression or digital press release consumes energy – energy to write, post, publish, serve, and view.

Percepture understands that a tight focus on consumers can make marketing more sustainable. Delivering the right message at the right time to a receptive audience consumes less resources – and budget! – than an untargeted blast.

Also, we encourage clients to adopt sustainable content strategies, with a focus on creating and advising on content that promotes sustainability, educates audiences on environmental issues, or highlights the sustainable practices of our clients.

At the heart of sustainability is communication. Harvard Business Review found that, “much of the strategic value of sustainability comes from the need to continually talk with and learn from key stakeholders.” That’s why the heart of our marketing is about customizing our approach to each customer and becoming a part of their existing marketing organization.

Finally, sustainable marketing means a focus on measurable results. We believe that both sustainability and effective governance extends beyond internal processes; it encompasses how we communicate and remain accountable to our stakeholders. By providing transparent reporting with clear KPIs aligned with meeting and exceeding industry standards, we ensure that our operations are guided by a commitment to transparency and communication.

Percepture's Winning Edge: Diversity, Mastery & Eco-Efficiency

Unleashing the power of a borderless team, Percepture stands on pillars of worldwide expertise, diverse talent, end-to-end marketing mastery, and green efficiency. Dive deeper into our unmatched propositions below.

  • icons-abstract-glitch-percepture-12
    Expertise Without Borders

    A global remote team from 52 cities & 8 countries, demonstrating that expertise isn’t bound by geography.

  • icons-abstract-glitch-percepture-10
    Embracing Diverse Brilliance

    Championing diversity in all forms, backed by our certification from NMSDC, highlighting that true expertise celebrates every individual’s unique journey and strength.

  • icons-abstract-glitch-percepture-9
    Full-Service, Full-Depth

    Beyond catchphrases, we centralize and master every facet of PR and marketing, offering clients an all-in-one solution with trusted specialists.

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    Truly Sustainable Marketing

    Our eco-friendly, 99.9% paperless operations combine with laser-focused targeting strategies and transparent KPI reporting to foster genuine, sustainable marketing.