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Email marketing never goes out of style. It engages audiences, creates new and returning customers, and can have the highest ROI out of every tool in your marketing mix.

Over four billion people use email daily and 60% of consumers report that email is their preferred method of communication from the businesses they’re interested in

In a constantly-shifting landscape of ad platforms and social media networks, email remains your most-reliable way to reach an already-engaged audience of prospects and customers.

That’s why you should make sure you are getting the most out of your proprietary email list and other data sources. We’re ready to help you build dynamic email campaigns, including newsletters, promotional and transactional messages, event marketing, and personalized outreach that leverages the rich data in your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Work with Percepture to take your email marketing to the next level. Send the right message to the right customers at the right time to convert leads, retain customers, and drive revenue growth.

Our Email Marketing Services

Email is your direct connection with engaged prospects and current customers.

The reason email routinely outperforms other marketing isn’t just because you have the power to inundate inboxes with endless messages. It is because working from an email list connected to a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system allows your marketing messages to draw from an ever-growing data set on each customer to be targeted and personalized.

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    Email Marketing Strategy

    We’ll work with your team to create a data-driven email marketing strategy filled with dynamic, personalized content. We’ll help you hit the right audience with the right messages at the right time – which means analyzing campaign data to find subject lines that drive open rates, the ideal days and times for messages, and more!

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    Advanced Segmentation

    Get the most out of your Customer Relationship Management system. We’ll work with your CRM solution to drive your email personalization, optimize your lists, and integrate signals gathered from your audiences’ opens, clicks, and purchases.

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    Content Writing

    Not all emails are created equal! Our content strategy team can help you craft subject lines that stand out in a noisy inbox to boost open rates. On the inside, we know how to create messages that drive click-through – full of the personalization and value that inspires customers to engage with your brand.

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    Multimedia Design

    Email marketing isn’t just about copy. Our team of multimedia designers is ready to help you develop your brand’s story in images and video that connects the narrative from your email to the landing page experience on your site.

Future Prediction

Data privacy laws in the US will align with GDPR in Europe, changing how we orchestrate email marketing campaigns

How Our Email Marketing Agency Works

Percepture is focused on working with you to create email campaigns that feel essential to your brand and voice. We’re ready to help you unlock and optimize the data in your CRM to help you get maximum impact from segmentation and personalization.

When we begin an email marketing engagement, our first step is to understand the current landscape of your list. That includes taking a look under the hood of your current CRM. Understanding the sources of your email list and the data you have collected tells us who your email audience is and what they already expect from your brand.

We’ll combine that with a comprehensive customer journey map to understand the role email plays in moving audiences through your conversion funnel. Our goal is to turn your email strategy into a finely honed tool that has the power to engage prospects and retain customers at the critical moments in their customer journey.

From there, it’s time to email! We’ll work with your team to identify different lists and messaging streams. Our approach will combine informational, aspiration, and transactional messaging to turn your email marketing into a powerful channel for retention and revenue generation.

We’re ready to make sure your email list is working for you – keeping your audience engaged, generating valuable data, and driving business growth.

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For a start-up consumer brand, our tailored email campaigns led to a surge of over 1 million new subscribers, boosting sales by 1200% in just 12 months.

For a start-up consumer brand, our tailored email campaigns led to a surge of over 1 million new subscribers, boosting sales by 1200% in just 12 months.