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At Percepture, we’ve worked with technology companies to increase their brand visibility, improve demand generation, and position them as a leader among both industry peers and customers. We have in-depth knowledge of the telecom marketing landscape and the challenges facing the industry.

Specifically, we work to supplement in-house marketing teams at telecoms to refine their message, improve their search rank, and increase lead generation. We help companies perfect their audience targeting, working together to exactly define in-market prospects and ensuring they see the right message at the right time to convert them into customers.

Our experienced team of marketers speaks the language of the telecom industry. We understand that Telecom industry sales often result from building ongoing relationships and demonstrating thought-leadership.

We work with brands to transform their customer journey map with an integrated strategy using social, PR, SEO, SEM, Paid Social, content marketing, and site optimization. Together, we’ll create a powerful growth engine that drives results.

Whether you’re rebranding, launching a new product, or just seeking faster growth, Percepture is the right partner to make sure you reach your goals for transformation and growth.


Our Telecom Marketing Services

Over the past two decades our Telecom marketing team has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry – as well as innovative start-ups offering bespoke solutions. With a distributed team spanning four continents, Percepture has the global industry experience to help you attract customers from anywhere around the world.

Every Telecommunications brand requires a unique approach to identify its ideal audience and dominate search rankings to drive demand generation. We know that Telecom lead generation can include everything from selling capacity to each-other, hyperscalers, enterprises, SMBs, and even directly to consumers. And, it involves targeting qualified buyers – executives, senior engineers, and procurement officers.

We will help you meet that audience where they already are – on the platforms, sites, and shows where they already spend time every day.

The demand for leads in the Telecom industry is endless, but the amount of leads is finite. The fierce competition to secure business puts an emphasis on establishing connections with the right prospects to shorten your sales funnel. To do that, you have to tell your story effectively and make sure it is heard by the right person.

As a top telecom marketing agency, we have designed marketing & PR systems to make news announcements, lead generation, automate sales appointments, conference support, M&A and sustainable marketing systems. Learn how we can reach your specific in-market audience, whether you met them at a conference or want to meet them.

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    Telecom Marketing Strategy & Development

    Every telecom marketing plan begins with strategy. We’re ready to embed ourselves with your team to craft the compelling story behind your brand and create a customer journey map to understand your ideal in-market audience.

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    Telecom Search Engine Optimization

    The majority of sales start with search, even in B2B sales. We’ll work with you to build a strategy to dominate search rankings for your specific solutions and areas of expertise. We have an endless track record of achieving first-page search results for telecom products and services.

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    PPC, Paid Search, & Paid Social

    Percepture is a full-service digital marketing and PR agency, which means we know how to seamlessly execute omnichannel digital marketing. We’ll help you define finely-tuned demographic groups so your prospects see your message on the platforms where they spend the most time. Plus, harness the power of social media for B2B marketing – it can be done with the right targeting!

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    Content Marketing

    Marketing your brand isn’t just about ads and optimization – it requires storytelling to explain how your prospective customers can succeed by partnering with you. We’ll work closely with you to create content that converts – driving your brand visibility and lead generation.

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    Telecom Event Marketing

    Whether you’re planning a major presence at an existing event or planning your own signature event, our PR & Digital teams are ready to provide full-coverage support – from advertising to on-the-ground media support to post-event follow-through. Our innovative EventMax service can help you capture in-market leads during your event to continue moving them through your sales funnel.

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    Global Outreach

    Utilize advanced strategies from ABM to competitor analysis and beyond to engage audiences from the US, Asia, Africa, LaTam, EMEA, Nordics, & more.

Reach the Right Targets

Targeting Strategies:

  • CRM and Sales Database analytics

  • Conference insights

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies

  • Profiling by Job Title, Company, and IT Certifications

  • Analyzing Competitor behavior

  • Focusing on Seniority, Employee Size, and more

  • Adapting to Search Terms, Content preferences, and Purchase behaviors

  • Specialized targeting by Education and Region, encompassing the US, Africa, LaTam, EMEA, Nordics, and Asia.

AI System Showcase

EventMax™ - Maximize your event impact by harnessing transformative AI-powered strategies

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    Pre-Event Activation

    Jumpstart event engagement with AI-driven outreach like Programmatic, LinkedIn, and Google Ads. Drive attendees to a custom landing page, ensuring a packed meeting schedule ahead of the event.

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    During Event Real-Time Engagement via Geofencing

    Dive deep into event participation. Set a geofence around the event venue, serve ads to attendees in real-time, and leverage multi-channel touchpoints for heightened brand visibility. Additionally, capture the device IDs of engaged users.

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    Post-Event Momentum Building

    Maintain the event’s buzz. Launch a “Welcome back from the event” campaign, targeting attendees across multiple platforms, and bolster your business development team’s follow-up process with our powerful AutoNURTURE™ system.

Case Study

Digital Titan's Revamp Leads to Massive Contract and Billion-Dollar Acquisition

A burgeoning player in the digital infrastructure world sought dominance in a high-density metropolitan region. Amid fierce competition, they desired large contracts and higher acquisition valuation. Their digital efforts mirrored their rivals, making differentiation a challenge. By partnering with an expert agency, they undertook a transformative digital journey. This comprehensive strategy, emphasizing targeted content, SEO, and personalized interactions, achieved remarkable growth. The climax? A substantial metro contract and a lucrative billion-dollar acquisition by a major communications firm.


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