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A trailblazing entity in digital infrastructure solutions aimed to mark its dominance in a crowded marketplace. New to the industry, they adopted a strategic “land and expand” sales methodology to master the 5G Network infrastructure in a densely populated metropolitan region. Their assets included an extensive 1,100 route miles of fiber network linked to major data hubs and points of presence in 65 network edge colocation facilities.

Leading Telecom Company
SEO, Google Ads, LinkedIn, AI Programmatic, Digital Experience Personalization, Content Optimization, Big Data Analytics
AI Systems:
AutoNUTURE™, KeywordIQ™


As an experienced Telecom Marketing Agency, we understand that when traditional telcos appeared almost identical, stagnation is a real threat. The metropolitan zone was saturated with competitors, all lured by the area’s population density and the lucrative contracts it promised. To increase their market valuation for a potential exit, they aimed to engage, influence, and acquire significant contracts from new enterprises and large governmental entities in the area.

Their digital marketing and PR endeavors were barely making a mark. Their strategies were reminiscent of older times and not capturing their target audience. A transformation was overdue.


A deep dive into the customer and prospect sales journey illuminated a path. In collaboration with Percepture, they sculpted a fortified digital ambiance tailored to engage pivotal decision-makers. The emphasis was on anticipating customer needs and adapting dynamically to market variations.

  • Digital Marketing: Leveraging tools like SEO, Google Ads, and LinkedIn, the team at Percepture instilled a top-tier digital approach to provide a cohesive customer journey across all touchpoints.
  • Digital Experience: Digital assets of the client were synergized and new channels added to specifically target customers throughout their journey, effectively addressing their needs and enhancing their experience.
  • Personalized Content: The content was fine-tuned and personalized to drive genuine interest, solve real-world problems, and fast-track the sales process.
  • Big-data-analytics: Comprehensive analytics tools were put into place, offering deep insights into every nuance of the customer journey, from initial interest to conversion.


  • Achieved a 188% surge in Inbound Leads
  • Elevated Website Traffic by 80%
  • Garnered accolades like “Best Wifi Service Provider” and “Affordable Connectivity”
  • Secured a monumental $175M contract to deliver mobile infrastructure solutions across a vast number of kiosks in the metropolitan region.
  • Eventually acquired for an impressive sum exceeding $1B.

Metrics showcasing the success include:

  • SEO: +53.75%
  • Google Ads: +113.65%
  • Display: +793.37%
  • Social: +70.22%
  • Referral Traffic: +103.82%
  • Traffic Increase: +80%
  • Site Sessions: +68.2%
  • Direct Traffic: +10.39%

Note: All names, places, and identifiable metrics have been anonymized to maintain confidentiality.