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Combine PR strategy with Digital Marketing tactics to increase your brand’s presence, reach, and reputation.

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Digital PR – or “Digital Public Relations” – combines PR strategy with Digital Marketing tactics to ensure that your brand’s reach extends to the places online where today’s consumers make their decisions.

Every brand wants to appear at the top of search rankings. That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important! Digital PR Services are complementary to SEO, amplifying the power of your placements and creating important social proof to remove the friction from your conversion process.

Our Digital PR services can help your brand translate traditional earned media opportunities into web mentions, develop relationships with key publishers and influencers in your industry, generate customer reviews and testimonials, and optimize your press releases and social media.

Enhance your brand’s visibility and authenticity in the places where today’s consumers research their purchase decisions.

Why Digital PR Services Make a Difference

Today, more than half of all purchases start on search and more than two-thirds of consumers say their purchase decisions are influenced by Social Media.

That means your brand’s online identity can create the tipping point for a consumer to convert into a customer.

However, your online identity is about more than your own website and social media channels. Consumers are looking for an authentic brand they can trust. When a consumer clicks on a top search result, they are also seeking context on why they should trust that result and move forward with a purchase.

To do that, they seek out social proof that your brand is worthy of their business.

That proof begins with your presence on search engines. You want to dominate search rankings for your brand name and key products and services. You also want supporting results, like mentions in online publications, podcasts, press releases, product reviews, and more. The more proof a consumer has that your brand identity is authentic and trustworthy, the more likely you are to drive conversions.

Digital PR supports SEO by applying traditional PR strategies to online media outlets. As your brand is featured more online, it increases relevant search results that all include inbound links to your site. These are also known as “backlinks” – a critical element in SEO.

The result? Your brand identity is more visible to consumers in a way that acts as “social proof” to give them confidence in their conversions. And, seeing information about your brand online from additional sources helps to prove you are walking the talk of your marketing claims.

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    Digital Impact from Traditional Media

    Is your traditional media PR plan optimized for online opportunities? We’ll work with your existing PR strategy to make sure your existing earned media coverage is taking advantage of online options – and that they are optimized to contribute to your SEO. That includes an audit of your own Press Releases to make sure they have maximum impact for your brand identity online.

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    PR Focused on Online Media

    The experts and influencers behind online media outlets require nurturing and ongoing relationship management, just like traditional media connections. Leverage our team’s experience and their existing connections with publishers, journalisms, podcasters, and more – and work with us to identify and outreach to influencers specific to your industry.

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    Social Media Optimization

    Is your calendar of social media content optimized for brand identity and conversion? Work with our team to make sure each of your social media posts is built with the right information to help reinforce your brand identity and search engine placements.

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    Create Unique Backlink Opportunities

    Every link to your brand’s site reinforces your domain authority, but not all links are created equal. Work with our team to identify opportunities for backlinks that have the quality and quantity you need to drive both your overall domain authority and specific page authority for your products and services.

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    PR + SEO

    Digital PR combines PR strategy with tested SEO tactics to rank for the keywords that can drive your business. We know the keyword-focused strategies help both your PR-driven placements and your own site rank for the same terms, doubling your search engine presence to increase brand recognition and trust in consumers.

Future Prediction

AI will force adoption of PR+Digital strategies, using analytics to better understand their customers and use digital to target specific people, customers or editors.

How Our Digital PR Agency Works

a mapped strategy in flow chart format and process sample of Percepture's digital pr services.

Percepture is a full-service global Digital Marketing and PR agency. Our team of experts have always integrated PR with Digital Marketing for our clients.

Essentially, we’ve been doing Digital PR since before it had a name!

Our Digital and PR teams work side by side from your first onboarding meeting to understand your brand identity, market position, customer journey map, and your current PR relationships both offline and online.

From there, we collaborate with you to create a strategic plan that combines tested best practices with tactics that are unique to your industry and brand identity.

We will reinforce your brand identity, optimize your existing press releases and social media, generate new earned backlinks, and forge connections with publishers and influencers. All of it will be in the service of increasing your brand’s visibility and authority online.

That’s why Digital PR has become essential to a winning brand strategy. It builds on the fundamentals of traditional PR to build relationships with journalists and influencers, but it adds an SEO-driven awareness of link-building and domain authority.

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A global telecom company increased SEO traffic by over 1,024% in 2 months, by owning the entire Google landscape with their site, videos and PR placed articles.

A global telecom company increased SEO traffic by over 1,024% in 2 months, by owning the entire Google landscape with their site, videos and PR placed articles.