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Over the past two decades, social networks have transformed from a distraction to a place where people research decisions and do business.

Is your brand being seen by social media audiences beyond your existing base of followers? Paid Social Media strategy is the key to expanding your influence, growing your following, and converting followers into customers.

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, X [AKA Twitter], and TikTok, are closed gardens, meaning each of them limit audience targeting between platforms. As an experienced paid social agency, we have tactics to transfer your targeted audiences between platforms for true precision targeting in social media advertising.

Our comprehensive social media strategies bring owned, earned and paid media together to drive holistic marketing success. We create social-centric marketing campaigns, where moments are broadly shared among the target audience.

We help to create the interactions that have the greatest impact to motivate, inspire, and connect your audience with your brand.

Why You Need a Paid Social Marketing Agency

Social networks have become the prime hub for news consumption and receptive engagement.

More than 70% of people around the globe consider social media a news source. And, when it comes to purchases, 3 in 4 consumers have purchased a product they’ve seen in a social media post. Studies have shown that people use social media when they have free time and that they tend to be more receptive to learning while on these platforms.

That makes each individual social platform a powerful vehicle to drive leads and sales – which is why you should be leveraging their combined power! Yet, many companies push for organic social media growth and are then frustrated when their following doesn’t lead to conversions.

Paid Social is the link between your organic social strategy and measurable results for your brand.

From a single-network perspective, paid social includes the process of growing your follower base as well as driving your audience to engage with your brand. Boosting key pieces of content helps cut through social network algorithms to forge new connections, drive engagement, and inspire followers to become customers.

From a multi-network perspective, you want your brand story to follow people across networks. That can be hard to do in a world where each network wants to be its own walled garden. You need an agency that can conduct sophisticated, targeted audience research that makes connections between networks.

One of the most powerful elements of Paid Social advertising is how it reinforces your brand position and influences behavior. When audiences see more of your brand in their feeds, it creates familiarity. When your boosted posts rack up more engagements, it inspires trust. And, when your engaged audience sees an offer from a familiar, trusted brand, they’re ready to take action.

The goal is that your prospective audience sees the right message at the right time across multiple networks – engaging them professionally and personally to make a lasting impact.

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    Data-Driven Targeting

    Every social network has a unique ad platform with its own demographic targeting system. Which ones are best for your brand and how can you find your audience there? We can help you navigate ad targeting across multiple networks, finding ways to hit engaged consumers who aren’t yet faithful followers.

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    Boost Organic Content

    Authenticity matters on social media. Sometimes the most successful Paid Social campaign isn’t an ad campaign, but boosted organic content that helps grow your follower base and convert leads to attend events and purchase products.

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    Optimized Ad Campaigns

    Social Media Networks offer audiences a never-ending scroll of content, which means they experience a constant influx of ads. What kind of ads convert the best? That differs on each network. We know how to design ads to each platform, and how to optimize and iterate on ongoing campaigns to zero on top performing messaging.

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    AI-Driven Paid Social

    Paid search advertising is evolving! Companies are using AI-driven tools and tactics to connect with their customers. Take a Human+AI teamed approach to your Google and Bing paid search ads to accelerate decision-making by targeting the right audience at the right time.

Future Prediction

Social platforms will integrate digital wallets, currency and offers/coupons that their customers can use to engage with brands.

How Our Paid Social Services Work

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We believe social media is about people, not channels or devices – but, you still have to be a master of understanding channels and targeting devices to make paid social campaigns work!

When we kick off a Paid Social Services engagement, we work closely with you and your team to understand your business and the demographics of your customers. We understand that the key to powerful Paid Social campaigns is to keep the focus on the audience, which is why our first step is understanding their personas and their customer journey.

Even if your brand focuses on a professional service, those business professionals are active on both professional social networks and personal ones. An effective Paid Social strategy is platform agnostic, targeting your audience equally across any network they frequent regardless of if you have a large following there.

Once we understand how and where to target your audience, it’s time to dig into creating Paid Social content that catches their attention. Effective social ads start a conversation with a customer – enticing them to interact with your brand or learn more about your products and services. That means crafting engaging headlines and eye-catching designs that work best for each network.

Paid Social strategy doesn’t end when your ads are placed. In fact, once your ads are running the most exciting part of the campaign is underway – the process of optimizing your audience and your ads. Our goal is to run ads that do more than just convert – we want to exceed your industry’s benchmarks when it comes to click-through rates (CTR), leads, and conversions. To do that, we constantly analyze performance to identify highly-engaged audience demographics and iterate on top-performing ads.

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Increased social conversions for a life sciences brand by 5x in 6 months, increasing traffic by 220%

Increased social conversions for a life sciences brand by 5x in 6 months, increasing traffic by 220%