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Media Buying & Planning Services

Media buying and planning is the backbone of every successful advertising campaign. Once you craft the perfect message, you need to reach your target audience with precision and impact. That’s why choosing the right media buying agency matters. You want your ad placements to work for you – reaching a receptive audience at the right moment for an efficient cost.

Percepture is a media buying agency with over 15 years experience in managing multi-million dollar campaigns with omnichannel coordination. Our expert media buying services utilize market-leading technology and proven strategies to identify the best media channels for your brand, negotiate favorable rates, and deliver engaging ads that resonate with your target market.

No matter the channel – from traditional media to programmatic advertising – we’ve got you covered. We understand the types of content that performs best on each media platform to reach your specific audience, strategically allocating media buying budgets to surpass ROI expectations.

Our Media Buying Services

With our expertise in negotiating and securing the best media placements at the most competitive rates, we can maximize the ROI of your ad dollars to drive conversions. From traditional channels like TV and radio to digital platforms like social media and programmatic advertising, our media buying services team will craft a customized media plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

We place millions of dollars of ads each month, which means you can access savings only available to a media buying agency with major buying power to dramatically improve your ROI.

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    Digital Media Buying

    A successful digital media buying strategy has the power to reach a highly-targeted audience at the right time with the right message. Our digital media buying strategy starts with in-depth research of your audience to understand their personas, demographics, and what makes them receptive to your products and services. With your audience defined, we leverage our relationships with leading ad platforms and networks so your ads can reach that audience wherever they log on to the internet or consume streaming media.

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    Traditional Media Buying

    Media buying and planning for traditional media outlets can still be a significant driving force behind brand awareness and sales when targeted strategically. As a media buying agency, we have the knowledge and relationships to place your ads across all mediums of traditional media – on TV, radio, and in print. Plus, benefit from our omnichannel marketing expertise by integrating your traditional media placements with your digital advertising.

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    Programmatic Advertising

    We leverage programmatic advertising at its highest potential by reaching exactly who you’re trying to reach at exactly the right time to drive conversions. We handle all of our programmatic media buying directly, eliminating unnecessary costs and accelerating the process so you can see results faster.

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    Social Media Advertising

    Our media buying strategies are tailored to each media outlet, including each individual social media platform. Social media networks each have their own unique advertising requirements, but they also have unique needs when it comes to customizing the content, tone, and design of an ad to make the greatest impact. We’ve run campaigns that span every network, blending paid ads, boosted posts, organic social, and video to engage your audience where they spend the most time.

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    Search Engine Advertising

    The majority of customer journeys start with an online search. Having your ad appear alongside the top search results not only gives you visibility – it establishes trust with your audience. Our team has been placing search ads since before “Google” was a verb. We know exactly how search engines work behind the scenes and we’re on top of new trends and changing technology. That means we know how to place search ads that work, and how to integrate search ads with SEO strategy.

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    AI Media Buying

    We’ve been at the forefront of using AI-powered platforms for precise media buying targeting since 2020. Harness the precision of algorithmic targeting for your media buying to reach new and existing audiences based on their job titles, where they travel, the company they work for, the content they read, what they purchase in stores vs. online, their physical address, and other demographic information.

Future Prediction

GDPR laws will be adopted by the US and we are seeing early signs of data privacy laws with CCPA, which will be heavily enforced in the US and global advertising by 2025.

How Our Media Buying Agency Works

Every business sets their advertising budget with the goal of producing measurable results – whether that’s raising brand awareness or directly driving conversions. But, not every ad campaign sees a return on investment of its ad spend.

What makes an ad campaign successful?

It starts with understanding your audience demographics, including conducting research on where and when they will be most-receptive to your message. Then, you must carefully adapt your message to best fit each advertising medium where your ad will appear. Next, you have to purchase ad space, spending your budget efficiently for maximum visibility.

And, it doesn’t end there! Once an ad campaign begins, it requires constant measurement, ongoing optimization, and meaningful reporting to ensure it meets and exceeds the expected results. That often requires a strategy that evolves as the campaign runs, taking advantage of new insights and shifting audience behaviors.

That is why media buying services matter. Advertising isn’t easy, and great advertising requires expertise and experience in making sure your ads are seen by the right audience at the right time.

You want your message to be heard. You want your ad budget to be spent efficiently. You want results.

You want to run a successful ad campaign… and we want to help you make that a reality.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is a term for purchasing space to run an advertisement.

In the history of advertising, this meant the purchase of a fixed amount of space on a page in each copy of a newspaper to run an ad.

As advertising channels grew to include broadcast and digital media, each of those channels evolved their own version of advertising and the process for securing ad space – from placing sponsorships on early radio programs to running a Super Bowl commercial to showing highly-targeted digital ads on the web.

As media buying has evolved, so have the tools to manage and measure it. Modern media buying services integrate both traditional marketing channels (print, radio, television) and digital channels (websites, search, social media, streaming).

An experienced media buying agency will take a “channel agnostic” approach to determine the best way to reach your audience using a blend of all available channels for maximum exposure.

What is a Media Buy?

A media buy can refer to two different things.

First, we can say that the purchase of the ability to run any single ad is a media buy. The “media” is the physical or digital space where the ad will run, and the “buy” is the purchase of that advertising space. Sometimes that purchase is physical, such as renting a billboard to display an ad to cars on a highway. Other times that purchase is digital, such as the ability to show an ad to one member of your audience on their favorite website.

Second, a media buy can also refer to several ad placements in aggregate. You can refer to your entire campaign of billboard advertisements or digital ads as a “media buy.

When working with a media buying agency, it’s more common to hear the second, aggregate usage rather than the first one.

What is a Media Buyer?

A media buyer is a marketing professional who specializes in managing the media buying process.

Many of us have made a single ad placement in our lives as individuals by placing our own ads to do something like mow lawns or sell used furniture. What separates us from a professional media buyer is that they are leveraging a network of connections with media companies, commercial networks, and ad platforms to place ads at scale to reach thousands or even millions of viewers.

A media buyer implements a media plan, negotiates for the purchase of ad placements (AKA media buys), monitors and reports on ad performance, manages ad budgets, and optimizes ad placements for the duration of a campaign. That can include making decisions about the timing of placements, as well as their demographic and geographic reach.

What is Media Planning?

When marketing professionals discuss “media buying,” that often also includes the process of media planning. However, media planning comes first when crafting an advertising campaign. Great media planning drives successful media buying.

Media Planning is the process of defining an audience, setting a budget, establishing campaign goals, and determining the media channels that will allow your campaign to achieve those goals. With those guidelines in place, media buyers can use their expertise to secure ad space within the appropriate channels on the most-efficient networks and publications to engage your audience.

Sometimes, a single team member may be both a media planner and a media buyer.

How does Media Buying work?

Once a media buying agency has established the media planning for a campaign, it’s time to turn that plan into reality. That involves a media buyer determining the appropriate media channels where ads will be placed to fulfill the goals of the plan.

In today’s media landscape, the specifics of purchasing ad space on each of those channels can vary widely. For some channels – especially in traditional media – that can mean contacting a media outlet months in advance to secure space amongst a finite number of ad placements.

For other channels – especially in digital media – making media buys is governed by a complex auction-like system where advertisers compete for digital placements by placing bids. Targeting your audience where they consume digital content requires expertise with over a decade of industry-standard analysis and automation. The wrong move can quickly drive up costs when multiplied across millions of ad impressions.

That’s why a media buying agency will have both traditional media connections and experienced digital media buyers who know and understand the digital advertising landscape.

Why use a media buying agency?

Many tools exist to allow individuals and businesses to do their own media buying – especially when it comes to digital media! However, a media buying agency brings experience, relationships, and economy of scale to the media buying process – as well as comprehensive knowledge of tactics that work on a per-platform basis.

Relationships matter in media buying for both traditional media and digital media. For traditional media, that can include having an established connection with the ad sales representative at a local television network that covers your target market. For digital media, it can include choosing between several ad platforms to select the one that offers the most fine-tuning options to hit your target demographic.

Here’s a real example from our own agency experience: LinkedIn, Google, and private display networks all accept similar dimensions for digital ads. Does that mean you can run the same ads on every network? You can, but you might not want to! Years of experience have taught us that different ads networks require different tactics when it comes to headlines, images, animation, and calls to action. A great LinkedIn ad might not look anything like a great ad placed on a leading digital news site.

That’s just one of many reasons why it’s important to work with an experienced media buying agency for your next campaign.

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For a major online retailer, improved customer generation efficiency and lifetime value by more than 20% in 6 months.

For a major online retailer, improved customer generation efficiency and lifetime value by more than 20% in 6 months.