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Late in 2023, we met a US-based Fiber Internet company in the competitive high-speed internet service sector. This new Fiber client needed to redefine their digital strategy to expand their digital reach and improve their cost of acquisition.

The goal was to start in a specifically-defined, highly-competitive geographic area. This would work as a proving ground for how Percepture could boost market presence and sky-rocket conversion rates – all while keeping a close eye on the ROI. If we couldn’t improve the ROI of past advertising efforts, then our mission would not be accomplished.

Percepture designed a campaign using a mix of Programmatic Advertising, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, backed by our proprietary technologies, AutoNURTURE™ and KeywordIQ™.

The results were clear at the end of the first 100 days: a measurable improvement in conversion over the performance of past campaigns at a lower spend.

But, this campaign wasn’t just about numbers! It was the first step in a new collaboration that raised the standard of our client’s digital marketing efforts. This campaign showcases Percepture’s strategic planning and tactical execution, which enables us to deliver real, measurable impact when it comes to the power of a client’s advertising dollars.


The digital world waits for no one. There was no time for a months-long consultation on rebranding or a purpose-built website.

Our Fiber Internet Client was losing potential sales to competitors every day in a hotly-contested geographic market. That had the effect of creating a “Zero Sum Game” – once those prospects were lost, they weren’t likely to be in-market again for a year or longer.

Plus, the existing stream of sales from advertising were coming in at a high Cost of Acquisition that was eating into their advertising ROI.

That meant we had to plan a change to their advertising strategy that leveraged their existing brand identity and their already-established media buying channels.

How do you improve results with so many restrictions? At Percepture, it’s part of what we do. We started from a deep understanding of their current customer journey through all of their existing channels. That allowed us to re-route ad spend to the most effective platforms and make adjustments to creative that would hon in on unique selling points like cost of service and speed of connection.


Our digital strategists and creative designers worked together on the following tactics and technologies for this campaign:

  • Strategic Digital Overhaul. Beginning with an in-depth digital audit, we uncovered key opportunities within the customer journey. Our findings paved the way for a strategic digital overhaul aimed at captivating decision-makers and preempting customer needs.
  • Customized Customer Engagement. Through AutoNURTURE™, we ensured that each interaction was precisely tailored to match the customer’s journey phase, enhancing the path from interest to conversion with granular analytics for deeper insights.
  • Integrated Marketing Approach. Our strategy encompassed an integrated suite of SEO, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and Programmatic Advertising, creating a seamless digital ecosystem for the customer journey.
  • Digital Experience Optimization We reimagined the client’s digital touchpoints, aligning them with customer preferences for a tailored conversion-ready engagement.
  • Content Strategy Revamp. Centralizing and optimizing content enabled us to meet the unique needs of each visitor, streamlining the sales process for efficiency and impact.
  • Advanced Analytical Solutions. Implementing comprehensive analytics allowed for real-time insight-driven strategies, empowering sales teams with actionable data.


Within the first 100 days, our campaign generated:

  • Market Reach: Our campaign significantly expanded the digital footprint, generating nearly 5 million impressions.
  • Cost Efficiency: Achieved an optimized average cost per conversion that represented more than 60% improved cost efficiency over previous campaigns, demonstrating the campaign’s efficiency and strategic ad spend.
  • Engagement: The targeted strategy resulted in over 22,000 clicks, indicating high engagement rates across platforms.

Percepture’s collaboration with this Fiber Internet Client is a testament to the transformative power of integrating cutting-edge technologies with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. This case underscores our commitment to driving significant growth and success for our clients in the digital realm.