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Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short – is the practice that powers search placements and drives conversations for business around the world. SEO continues for the lifetime of a website, and sometimes to stay ahead of your competition you need an SEO sprint!

As the practice of SEO has evolved, so have the strategies that can send a page to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). It’s no longer enough for a page to have a strong keyword density for a few top-ranking terms – hundreds or thousands of other pages are taking the same approach.

Modern SEO involves optimizing a combination of on-page, off-page, and contextual factors to establish your website as the chief authority so you can capture top search engine placements. It also has to present a compelling brand story to keep audiences on page and drive conversions.

We’ve built successful SEO strategies from the ground up for websites that have dominated search results in their industry. But, we also understand that SEO isn’t a one-time project with a single success criteria.

Sometimes an SEO sprint is exactly what you need to refocus and improve your rankings. Other times, it’s just the first leg of a marathon to make your business more visible than your competitors.

Make an impact on Google, Bing, Baidu, and more with our SEO services.

Why You Need an SEO Services Agency

Studies of online consumer behavior have proven that almost 70% of all online experiences begin with a search. And, over 95% of organic search traffic comes from the first page of search results.

That means getting onto the first page of organic search results has become more competitive than ever – and maintaining those top positions requires constant monitoring and adjustment.

At Percepture, we know that achieving and maintaining those results isn’t just a single-page project. It involves establishing the overall authority of your entire website so that search engines recognize the credibility of each new and existing page.

And, we understand the search and SEO landscape is always shifting. Google and other search providers are constantly adjusting their algorithms to factor in different weighting mechanisms. SEO Services mean more than adjusting on-page factors – they mean staying on top of industry trends.

You need an SEO agency of experts who are obsessed with the evolving world of SEO, whether it’s changes in scoring on mobile user experience and page load times to anticipating the advent of AI-driven search,

That’s who we are. Our team includes members with multiple decades of search experience – some of us have literally been working on search engine marketing since before “Google” was a verb!

We’re laser-focused on watching your pages climb the search rankings and seeing organic traffic and conversions increase. That means not going to waste time on adjustments that don’t make an impact on your bottom line.

But, most importantly, we never forget that all marketing is about human behavior. Even after you dominate every SERP, your page needs to resonate with your audience. We never lose site of creating a compelling user experience across your site even while working to achieve our SEO goals.

With the rise of AI-powered SEO tactics, the traditional 6-month benchmark for keyword ranking improvements will soon be an outdated notion.

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    Comprehensive Keyword Research

    You already know what you want your page to rank for, but the short tail keyword of your main product and services might not be the search that drives the most organic traffic to your website. We understand the power of keyword research to unlock both short and long tail search terms that are worth competing for so you can achieve multiple top SERP rankings!

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    Copywriting for Keyword Density

    We could write “keyword density” ten times in a row in this subheading to try to make our point, but it wouldn’t be fun for you to read … and search engines would hate it! Don’t fall prey to “stuffing” your page with keywords only for search engines to penalize you for it. Our copywriting team knows that writing SEO copy is as much a science as an art – and we’re ready to make every page on your site a masterpiece!

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    Site Map Optimization

    The content of your pages matters, but so does the ability for search engines to understand how they are organized and connected. We’ll work to optimize your site map for search engine consumption, focusing on on-page factors, page hierarchy and taxonomy, and internal interlinking to maximize the impact of your site structure.

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    Increasing Inbound Links

    Every business wants to increase inbound links, but how can you accomplish that without black hat practices that encourage link spam and get punished by search algorithms? We’ve run inbound link campaigns to boost the placements of hundreds of pages using proven tactics that combine automation, PR tactics, and good old-fashioned outreach to produce the kind of meaningful inbound links that search engines love.

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    Measuring User Experience

    User experience is often measured in delight, but when it comes to SEO services it’s also measured in concrete metrics that search engines use to influence their algorithms. Optimizing page performance to take advantage of algorithmic UX measures doesn’t have to mean rebuilding each page from scratch. We’ll dissect your pages to figure out what’s holding them back from meeting and exceeding UX metrics on every search engine.

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    Graduate to Enterprise SEO

    What happens when your previously boutique website grows to encompass hundreds of pages or thousands of products? It might be time to consider making the leap to an Enterprise SEO strategy. We know the difference between an effective SEO Sprint and running an Enterprise SEO marathon.

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    AI-Driven SEO Services

    We combine our team’s decades of search engine optimization experience with AI-driven keyword research and targeting to dig deeper into your long tail of keyworks with commercial potential.

How Our SEO Sprint Services Work

As an SEO agency with over a decade of experience, we understand that a successful SEO campaign can’t just focus on one page, or even a group of pages

SEO improvement comes from a comprehensive strategy that addresses an entire domain but measures the KPIs of specific pages and their organic traffic. That’s just as true in a sprint as it is over the long haul.

That’s why our SEO Services always begin with a thorough audit – not only of your site’s current search performance, but also of your competitors and of industry keywords and trends. We know that the story of your SEO performance isn’t only about your current baseline of SERP placements and organic traffic, but of where there is room for competition and improvement.

When we research keywords for search engine optimization, we focus on the terms that matter to your business. You want high-intent audiences who are ready to engage with your brand, and that means appearing on SERPs for commercial and transactional searches.

Once we understand your business, your competitors, and your industry, it’s time to start optimizing. Our team of SEO specialists love this step, because it involves dissecting your pages to break down exactly what drives their current page rank and how it could improve.

SEO starts with on-page copy and keyword density, but it doesn’t end there. It includes page structure, headlines, images, internal backlinks, inbound and inbound links, user experience, and more. We’ll measure each criteria and figure out how to fine-tune them for improved results. To maximize site strength, our internal link mapping boosts priority keyword rankings and increases page authority.

Even after a page is optimized, search engines have to be able to find it – and trust it. We know how to design sitemaps for optimized crawling, monitor your search console for errors and distractions, and build a network of high-value, trusted inbound links that will give you the edge over your competitors.

Even once an SEO sprint ends, we keep running with constant monitoring, measurement, and improvement. We’ll continue to make content recommendations based on consumer search trends, ensuring that content has its best chance to perform.

Future Prediction

With the rise of AI-powered SEO tactics, the traditional 6-month benchmark for keyword ranking improvements will soon be an outdated notion.

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For a major e-commerce brand, a SEO Sprint enhanced visibility across multiple digital platforms, resulting in a 2.5x increase in sales conversions.

For a major e-commerce brand, a SEO Sprint enhanced visibility across multiple digital platforms, resulting in a 2.5x increase in sales conversions.