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Percepture CEO Talks AI-Driven Marketing in Specialty Chemicals Magazine

Percepture CEO Thor Harris penned an article in this month’s April/May edition of Specialty Chemicals Magazine – renowned as the foremost publication in the realm of fine, agro, pharma, custom, and specialty chemicals.

In the issue, Thor discusses how pharmaceutical and specialty chemical companies can harness AI tools to create marketing results.

Percepture has been on the forefront of using Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance our marketing campaigns for the past half decade. AI is a lot more than generative AI chat bots that offer an intelligent version of predictive text. When it comes to marketing, it encompasses a whole suite of tools driven by machine learning.

We’ve successfully used AI-driven tools to enhance the creativity and expertise of our team when it comes to Life Sciences marketing. We’ve successfully used machine learning to rapidly optimize programmatic and paid search services and to fine-tune the keyword focus of our expert-driven enterprise SEO services.

As Thor explained in his article:

AI excels at processing and analyzing vast data arrays, identifying patterns and opportunities. Yet, it is the human touch – our capacity to understand the customer, behavioral and psychological nuances, to craft compelling narratives, and to interpret data within the broader context of marketing trends – that elevates these insights into potent marketing strategies.

Specialty Chemicals Magazine, April/May 2024 issue

Read Thor’s full article in Specialty Chemicals Magazine to learn how Percepture’s team of experienced marketers are harnessing AI-driven tools to iterate on our tested strategies. If you are a specialty chemicals company read to super-charge your visibility and brand storytelling with the combination of expertise and the power of AI, get in contact today.