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Telecom – Use AI to Secure Business with Hyperscalers

The demand for leads in the Telecom industry is endless, but the amount of leads is finite. That’s especially true when it comes to pursuing business opportunities with hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM Cloud.

The fierce competition to secure business with hyperscalers puts an emphasis on establishing connections with the right prospects to shorten your sales funnel. To do that, you have to tell your story effectively and make sure it is heard by the right person.

Percepture is an expert Telecom Marketing Agency with a proven track record of success. Instead of pre-qualifying a lead when it comes in, we prequalify before we target them. That allows us to get results like Increasing conversions by 3x, while reducing spend by 42% for a leading international  telecommunications company in 2022.

We have Digital PR, Content Marketing, and Enterprise SEO services to help Telecom partners make news announcements, generate leads, automate sales appointments, and turn conferences into lead-generation machines! Read on to learn how we use a combination of traditional marketing tactics and AI-driven advertising tools to disrupt competition for telecom leads.

Generating Leads for Telecom Requires Disruption

The Telecom industry is faced with many challenges – supply chain issues, cost of capital, managing power sources, and skilled labor.

These same pressures also affect enterprise companies hyperscalers like Google, Microsoft, and Apple. Hyperscalers require extensive data center infrastructure to to constantly expand their cloud computing services to meet increasing demand.

Without significant marketing to disrupt established relationships between hyperscalers and data center providers (DCPs), these hyperscalers will continue to contract with the same group of DCPs for scalable solutions.

That means the business of operating a telecom isn’t just about providing best-in-class technology and service – it requires the ability to market in a way that can generate leads from enterprise telecoms and hyperscalers.

It’s no surprise that EVERYONE is already chasing these leads on LinkedIn, where their company information and job titles can be easily targeted. But, what if you could market to these leads across the web, following them to their favorite sites across devices – even while they are away from home at a conference?

That marketing ability comes in part from the use of AI-driven advertising. By combining ad personalization with machine learning, we are able to segment data to identify prospects who work in enterprise and hyperscale companies who are in-market to scale their services. That’s based on personalized elements in the data beyond typical advertising demographics like search terms or geography. It includes everything from their years of professional experience to the conferences that attend.

Using this expanded personalization data, machine learning is effectively pre-qualifying these leads before serving them an ad rather than placing the burden of qualification on your sales reps

Combine PR and AI-driven advertising to shorten your sales funnel

Marketing telecom services to enterprises and hyperscalers presents a unique challenge. Your story has to be honed to appeal to specific personas, and then your advertising has to effectively target them to get the right story to the right prospects at the right time.

That’s why Percepture’s advertising strategy for Telecom combines proven PR strategies and SEO best-practices with market leading AI-driven programmatic advertising. The best way to support a lead-generating ad campaign is to have a great story to tell those leads.

Search Engine Optimization. Percepture’s expertise in SEO stretches back to its debut in the late 90s, but stays on the cutting edge of keeping up with changes to Google’s search algorithm. Starting with a comprehensive site audit, we know how to optimize products and services pages for ideal search engine results page (SERP) placement. Less than 1% of people click beyond the first page of search results, so organic top placements are the best way to control the narrative and eliminate competition.

Establishing a PR Footprint. The thing that may differentiate you is the newest story that you tell about your products and services. Partner with Percepture’s veteran PR team to craft compelling narratives that help your company stand out from the Telecom crowd. Then, our digital team will leverage your press mentions to reinforce your SEO standing. One of our global telecom client’s increased SEO traffic over 100x in just six months by owning the entire Google landscape with their site, including top search placements for multiple terms, videos, PR placed articles.  

AI-Driven Programmatic Advertising. As discussed above, we leverage machine-learning techniques to reach the right prospects at the right time. Moving prequalification up the conversion funnel to occur before an ad is served cuts the funnel in half, in terms of required touchpoints and time to conversion – and that all happens before you get your first ad click!

EventMax Conference Coverage. Use your next conference to create a portable customized audience. Target marketing specifically to conference attendees, and then segment those attendees to continue to advertise to them after the event is over. We’ve captured audiences of over 10,000 qualified prospects for remarketing from a single event using this technology.

Remarketing to Nurture Leads. Remarketing is the process of following your leads across the internet from their initial ad view, click, or conversion point to reinforce your story and drive conversion. Our AI-driven remarketing allows you to serve different campaign content to specific audiences based on how you’ve engaged them already, re-engaging them with personalized content.

Work with an agency experienced with Telecom marketing

Advertising in the Telecom industry is highly competitive, and it comes with a set of challenges unique to the world of hyperscalers and DCPs. You need a full-service digital agency who already knows the landscape and has repeatedly proven their success in the industry.

We understand your audiences, your need to sell capacity to each-other, hyperscalers, enterprises, and more! Schedule a meeting if you’re ready to stand out against your competitors, shorten your conversion funnel, and tell the right story to the right leads at the right time. 

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