Life Sciences – Building the Future of Digital Sales Through AI Marketing

If you are keeping up with industry news and marketing trends, sometimes it feels like the topic of Artificial Intelligence is inescapable. You’ve heard everybody say, “AI is the future,” but what are the AI-driven marketing strategies that will take us there?

Percepture started using AI Marketing for our Life Sciences industry clients even before AI became an inescapable buzzword. That means we have insight on the actual AI-driven tactics used in concert with digital services like Paid Media and Enterprise SEO and that can lead to marketing success in life sciences.

What is AI Marketing? Learn the difference between Generative AI and AI-Driven Programmatic Advertising

Much of the focus on the power of artificial intelligence in marketing has been focused on creating content, or “generative AI.” This is the technology behind products like ChatGPT and Bard.

While generating AI content for your brand could be powerful, at Percepture we’ve focused on a different kind of AI for Life Sciences marketing: AI-Driven programmatic advertising that focuses on getting the right message to the right prospect in the right place and time.

“Programmatic advertising” is the process of using technology to buy advertising space. In terms of digital advertising, it often refers to the algorithmically-driven auction-based system that allows marketers to place digital display ads.

When it comes to marketing highly-specialized life sciences products, you don’t want to rely on broad, inspecific ad-buys. Simply targeting a single website or even a single search term won’t produce ideal results for your campaign – they’re the digital equivalent of a billboard on a highway.

That’s why Percepture focuses on AI-driven programmatic for our life sciences clients. AI-driven advertising ads machine learning into the algorithms that drive ad buys. Machine learning allows our ad platform to process a massive amount of ad data that used to take days to analyze manually.

AI-driven programmatic can quickly identify the ideal ad creatives, websites, and geography where your ads receive the most clicks and create the most conversions. Beyond that, it can track and optimize dozens of elements of personalized information, to give you more options for targeting than ever before.

Life Sciences Marketing – Creating B2B Marketing Results in a B2C World

How do you effectively market a new life sciences product in today’s marketing landscape? It’s a tricky question that’s made more complex by the supply chain issues experienced by the industry as a whole. Service models and treatments are going through a transformation due to rising costs, changing patient expectations, and improving R&D

Those issues have slowed product launches, but also forced them into similar rhythms. That means competition for attention, clicks, and budgets is at an all-time high.

A huge part of that challenge is that life sciences marketing is a business-to-business effort, but it involves using ad networks designed for business-to-consumer advertising. Not every website is as employment-focused as LinkedIn! Plus, with privacy rules like GDPR and CCPA, advertisers are limited in the amount of personal data they can track and leverage.

How can you leverage an ad display network that’s good at selling televisions to make sure your new technology is seen by the specific scientist or engineer with the purchasing power to implement it?

The answer to this question involves AI-driven advertising. With machine learning, your ads can target the right business professionals for your product even outside of a network like LinkedIn. 

Rather than a broadly-targeted ad campaign, your campaign focuses on specific consumers based on their demographic information. Wherever they are on the internet, the AI-driven programmatic campaign will purchase and display ads to them – creating a unique fingerprint of ad placements for each campaign.

Our AI Advertising Playbook – AI-Driven Advertising Tactics That Work

Our AI-powered marketing systems enable powerful outcomes in launching a new product in a specific territory, generating leads, building awareness with media and specific people or simply to book new appointments, including at conferences.

Precision Targeting. Deliver your ads only to the prospects that matter to you. Target specific personas and companies across all channels and devices including LinkedIn, industry websites, apps, YouTube, or even when they are scrolling the news. We improved qualified lead volume by 382% in the first four months for a CDMO with this tactic.

SEO Reinforcement. Send affordable, qualified clicks to the pages with ideal search engine optimization (SEO) for your new products and services to reinforce their rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ve ranked a new product page #1 on Google with a featured snippet in under six months with this tactic.

Lead Generation. Combine remarketing tactics with machine learning algorithms to target specific people with personalized messages with how your product solves the problem they have. This can take you where your salespeople can’t go, including into universities. We’ve used this tactic to improve traffic to a conversion page by 67%.

EventMax Conference Coverage. Use your next conference to create a portable customized audience. Target marketing specifically to conference attendees, and then segment those attendees to continue to advertise to them after the event is over. We’ve captured audiences of over 10,000 qualified prospects for remarketing from a single event using this technology.

 Read the case study of how we transformed a Pharma CDMO with our approach here.

Work with an agency with a proven life sciences track record

Artificial intelligence is more than just a marketing buzzword. You can use AI-driven advertising to make sure your next product launch is seen by the right prospects at the right time.

Percepture has a proven track record of success in helping industry-leading clients accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth across the life sciences industry in contract pharma, biotech and medtech sectors.

Are you looking to boost your market presence in the US, Europe or Asia, to deliver a commercial impact in these territories? Schedule a meeting to learn how we can help you establish a global market presence and surpass industry benchmarks.

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