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Zappos Turned True Customer Stories Into Charming Low-Budget Ads

Facts Tell – Stories Engage!


Zappos is leaning into its reputation for customer service with a new set of ads reenacting the absurd lengths to which it will go to satisfy people who buy its products.


One spot features a toddler ballerina and her father. Decked out in a pink tutu, she keeps refusing the various ballet shoes he’s ordered for her. Zappo’s keeps exchanging them, until eventually, at her recital, her true taste is revealed (It’s a classic choice, albeit a generally more lowbrow one.) Her performance is also excellent.


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What It Means – Highlighting a brand’s consumers is always a good idea but especially for Zappos, whose brand is based on their commitment to keeping its customers happy. This is a way to create heartfelt and engaging content while emphasizing their key principles.