Visual Search – What’s Next?

Google announced new badges in its image search in August, just a day after Pinterest updated its app to make the visual search feature front-and-center. This summer’s activity comes a few months after Pinterest announced Pinterest Lens, which allows a user to take a photo of an object with their phone and see related objects in the search results. It also closely follows Google’s May announcement of Google Lens, which uses machine learning to do a real-time visual search using your phone’s camera lens.

Although Google and Pinterest lead in visual search, other ecommerce-focused tech companies have developed visual search as part of their search functions as well. This July, eBay announced its plan to unveil two AI-powered visual search features for its mobile app, which will be coming out later this year.

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What It Means:

In a world where a picture is literally worth a thousand words, it’s easy to see how visual search could help a user find a new pair of boots or a new sofa, and how this translates into a new era of search for the consumer.

Image Credit: Pinterest