Social Jumbotrons

While mobile continues to dominate the social media landscape, major league franchises and broadcast networks are bringing their Instagram Stories content to far, far, bigger screens.

Sports teams including the Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Sounders and San Francisco Giants are beginning to use technology that lets them show their Instagram Stories on massive screens inside the stadium. By putting content on jumbotrons and other massive displays, the teams aim to both grow their social media followings while also helping to keep the focus on field and off the second screen in everyone’s pocket.

With nearly a million followers on Instagram, the Philadelphia Eagles have expanded their content production team from being broadcast-focused to being digital-focused to being social-focused, said Eric Long, director of production for the NFL team. However, showing that content to another 68,000 fans who show up for the games on a weekly basis provide for another platform entirely.

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What It Means:

The displays seem to be turning big screen attention into smaller-screen followings. According to Tagboard, some teams have seen monthly follower bumps of as much as 20 percent. The New Orleans Pelicans, which used Tagboard in the recent season, saw its Snapchat following double in the course of a month.

“I think sponsors themselves are going to start demanding a lot closer attachment to this content,” Nathan Peterson, Tagboard’s head of revenue and partnerships said. “Teams and broadcasters are going to start taking it to heart that they need to build upon those relationships.”