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Website and Digital Audits

Are your digital efforts delivering the results you need?

Let us help you figure out where your strategy can improve.

If your website, social media, and paid media aren’t bringing you the ROI you expected, we can help you find out why. A digital marketing audit reviews your practices, strategies, and online assets to determine where you can improve your visibility, drive more traffic, get more sales, and boost revenue.


The digital marketing landscape evolves at lightning speed and even with a great internal team, you can be missing opportunities to drive growth. Our deep-dive audit allows you to evaluate where you’ve been and where you need to go. Our digital audits provide you the foundation you need to build a world-class, full-stack digital marketing strategy that can produce results quickly — whether that strategy is executed by us or by your in-house team.

Why Our Experts Offer Deep Insights

Because experience matters.

In order to take a holistic approach to a digital audit, you need people who have been in the trenches doing the work. You need experts who take a holistic approach to the audit, capturing the full picture instead of just individual channels. Only then can you take the knowledge gained from the audit and use it to build an ideal integrated strategy.

Percepture is unlike any other agency you’ve worked with. It’s a big claim but we can absolutely back it up. Our team is 100% experts-only. We are nimble and flexible while offering a full stack of services. With our model, we’re able to offer lower project costs but give you far greater results. We are your partner in your success, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do for your business.

Let’s get started.

Digital isn’t a channel. Social isn’t a strategy. Technology isn’t engagement. You need more than a message, you need a strategy. We believe marketing is about human behavior, not channels or devices. We seamlessly link the real world and digital ecosystem, intersecting people when they’re interested and ready to interact, making the experience real, relevant and rewarding — to your customers and your bottom line.

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