Complicated Issues, Crisis and Reputation Management

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it.” -Warren Buffet

When the unexpected hits, you want an unflappable, battle-tested team on your side. Through plane crashes (Miracle on the Hudson), infectious disease outbreaks (SARS, Norovirus, Legionnaire’s disease), crime, natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina and others) and even a whale impaled by a cruise ship we’ve worked as hard to keep our clients out of the news when a crisis arises as we have to put them in the news when times are good.

Since most crisis situations seem to occur in the middle of the night, Percepture now offers a smartphone (iOS and Android compatible) mobile app that puts your entire crisis management and response plan in the palm of your hand. Powered by In Case of Crisis, the app includes company-specific emergency procedures, safety guidelines and business continuity plans. The app allows you to replace your paper flipbooks and Internet-hosted sites that are often hard to access during a crisis. Using the app is safe and secure, and enables employees to communicate quickly and more effectively with each other during a crisis, whether it’s an alert, incident report, or a conference call.

In the middle of a crisis right now? Call us. Current crisis plan out of date? Call us. Just realized crisis communications is in your scope of work and have no idea where to start? Call us.

Crisis Leadership Team

René Mack is highly skilled in crisis communications and brand reputation management. For more than 25 years, he has worked with cruise lines, airlines, and destination hotels and resorts. From 9/11 to “The Miracle on the Hudson” to the lights going out at the Super Bowl to disasters at sea to celebrity deaths to working with the CDC, he’s pretty much seen it all. He also led the PR team that helped bring tourism back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina (2006-2013), during which he also had to deal with the BP Oil Spill.

Michael Sheehan brings more than 30 years of extensive, hands-on experience to Percepture, including more than nine years leading crisis communications at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the world’s second-largest global cruise vacation company. He also led Royal Caribbean’s office of Corporate Communications. Michael has worked in the media, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. Treasury Department where he led the U.S. Customs Service’s office of Congressional and Public Affairs for the Southeast U.S. and the Caribbean for 13 years during the height of the “war on drugs.” He has regularly dealt with media and issues from around the world. He specializes in crisis and corporate communications, media relations, congressional and government relations, public affairs, public policy, and public relations.

J. Vander Stoep has more than 25 years of experience in helping public figures and organizations prepare, avoid, and manage communications crises—including high-profile cases appearing in national and regional media. He is a lawyer with a long career in government affairs, including time as a Washington state representative and Chief of Staff to a U.S. Senator. J. has worked with dozens of public agencies, public figures, and businesses as a communications consultant and strategist. His clients have included the Russell Company and Trident Seafoods.

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