Back to blog Photo of Mike Mascoll, the new VP of Client Services at Percepture Digital Marketing Agency.


Meet Mike Mascoll, Percepture’s New Vice President Of Client Services

Success. Where does it originate? At Percepture, we believe that our success comes directly from the diverse array of talented individuals on our team.


Today, we’re happy to introduce our new VP of Client Services, Mike Mascoll.


Mike grew up in the Massachusetts towns of Roxbury and Dorchester, and in 1983 graduated from Lexington High School as part of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities (METCO) program. After high school, Mike continued to pursue Communications & Media Studies at Boston College. He developed a passion for brand marketing while working as a model and actor while in college, and was the first Black model for fashion brand L.L. Bean (see photo below).

Mike modeling during college.

Before arriving at Percepture, Mike was a documentary filmmaker with films including Code Switching (2019) and On the Line (2016) on his resumé. Mike’s films have focused on his experiences growing up, and in particular, On the Line highlights the sacrifices made by students and their families in pursuit of a quality education.


As well as being a skilled documentarian, Mike has also worked with some of the brightest minds in marketing, with a particular focus on automation, cyber-security, and digital marketing.


He came to Percepture via a Linkedin request from Bob Generale, our President of Percepture Digital. Mike checked out Percepture’s business model and liked what he saw—and we’re all fortunate he did. Mike brings a unique skill set to Percepture and refers to himself as a “Smarketing Executive”—smart sales combined with marketing alignment and execution. Mike’s talents allow him to deliver actionable insights from data analytics, leverage productive and sustainable business relationships, provide creative input to improve processes and streamline sales cycles, and scale to meet current opportunities.


“In short,” he says, “I see myself as being responsible for sales and marketing growth & processes, and helping our clients exceed their own marketing and sales goals.”


One of Mike’s favorite aspects of his job is working directly with our CEO, Thor Harris. “I absolutely LOVE working directly with the CEO,” says Mike, “studying his client engagement approach—as well as the TEAM alignment and Task delegation.” He also enjoys the mental stimulation of being surrounded by other creative minds.


Mike’s adapted well to the pace of living in New York City. He enjoys the fast-paced life and commitment to the hustle that seems to energize the city. The multicultural melting pot of the city is also an inspiration for Mike, who enjoys Manhattan’s cultural and culinary diversity. His favorite food: sausage and cheese pizza, New York Style!


Mike currently lives in Carmel, NY, with his wife of 18 years, Jessica, daughter Sydney and son Nathan, both in their teens. As for interests outside of work, Mike remains an avid photographer and has been involved in youth development coaching for over 12 years. He describes himself and his wife as foodies—Jessica even won a cooking contest on TV’s The Chew!


His professional aspiration is to make Percepture stand out like agencies such as Clutch and The Manifest—and we have every confidence he can do it.