Your customers are buying from your competition, and we can help stop that.

Right. Now.

With 14 years of specialty chemicals marketing experience to lean on, Percepture knows that Word-of-Mouth is our industry’s most powerful sales tool. Over the last few years, those WoM connections have moved online.

Google is now the world’s largest and most influential WoM connector with 80-90% of all research for ‘anything and everything’ performed as a web search on Google. Most importantly, YES, buyers are searching for specialty chemicals industry products and services on Google by the thousands. Because of this, your company needs to be visible at the top of the first page Google – for both organic/unpaid (SEO) and paid (Google Ads) search results.

Here are some example monthly search volumes:


Contract Manufacturing


Spray Drying


Amorphous Solid Dispersion


Solid Dispersion




Asymmetric Hydrogenation

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