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Stokke is a Norwegian furniture company that focuses exclusively on premium design for children recognized for timeless Scandinavian design that brings you and your child closer.


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Stokke is a premium children’s brand that has gained widespread popularity in Europe and abroad, but its awareness in the US was low. Percepture was tasked to make Stokke relevant in the US among its target audience — young families.


Percepture created an integrated program including targeted media outreach to parenting, lifestyle, and business media. We capitalized on key lifestyle moments like Mother’s Day and showcased what makes Stokke different. We used a combination of product seeding, celebrity gifting, and influencer programs to generate product buzz. Finally, we closely followed celebrity news and pitched stories to gossip media when a celebrity was spotted with the product.


Stokke’s Xplory stroller appeared in top parenting and lifestyle outlets and reviews including, Life & Style, Good Housekeeping and more. Stokke won for “best luxury stroller” in the 2018 Best of Baby Awards for TTPM (Toys, Tots, Pets & More). Celebrities including Joanna Gaines, Chrissy Teigen, and Amber West Stevens were all featured using Stokke products generating news coverage and press. Finally, our influencer program reached over two million people.


Consumer Products


Consumer Products


May 13, 2019